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Contents: 10 tablets / box


This is a 100% natural fruit tablet.

There are no dependencies or side effects.


Miracle fruit is native to West Africa and is sometimes called "miracle berry". It is a red fruit that is about the same size as coffee beans, and is not a fruit that enjoys the pulp like ordinary fruits.
The fruit itself is not sweet. However, due to the sugar protein "miraclein", eating sour foods such as lemon after eating miracle fruit has a mysterious effect of feeling sweet. By the way, this "miraclein" is a completely naturally derived ingredient that is neither a sweetener nor an additive.

"If you eat lemon after eating miracle fruit, the lemon feels sweet" was taken up on TV and became a hot topic. In this way, I have received a lot of entertainment treatment so far. The original characteristics can be a role to make the future of children from food, or to acquire healthy habits by incorporating them into eating habits and to become the basis of life to lead a life unrelated to the word diet. Can also be. Currently, it is not yet widespread enough to be obtained at supermarkets, and it is beginning to become one of the popular ingredients on the Internet among people with sugar restrictions.

The average price of raw fruit is around 200 yen per grain. In order to make it easy to take in the work of miracle fruit, we are sending you a tablet product, and three fruits are used per tablet. This is made possible thanks to Lisa, the founder of Ohh! Berry, the members around him, and customers from all over the world, who have been patiently cultivating this difficult-to-grow miracle fruit for 15 years in Taiwan. ..

I am deeply grateful to you here. Today, we are able to deliver this wonderful fruit on tablets to America, Asia, Europe, and Japan. Miracle fruit seedlings are also on sale, but it takes about 5 years to harvest the fruits and the expiration date is 2-3 days. Even now, I am working to create a lot of smiles and the future by turning a lot of effort into my thoughts.



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