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To eat

I look forward to creating the future.

There are many food cultures and specialties in the world, each with a taste of home, each with its own life and history. Never become unhealthy through food. We can choose the freedom to be a loved one at a precious moment while keeping a smile on our health.


Smiles of children from all over the world line up on the table

People's love choices decorate the table.

There are many food tricks in the world. In capitalism, the dining table can also be a fierce battlefield for businesses to increase their capital. Affordable, cheap, easy and tasty, these are long-term risks that have been entrenched in short-term corporate strategies. Some foods are safe, cheap and nice. However, it is not uncommon for people to get sick and lose their freedom, health and money because they continue to eat cheap and unhealthy foods every day without noticing it. We should use a little awareness and courage, a little time and the right knowledge to choose the future.


By starting now

You can meet the happiness of your precious self and people.

You all know that exercise and eating habits are very important factors in life. But you know that it's just as difficult to continue. First of all, try a meal that replaces Ohh! Berry's tablet with constant sugar or fruit even from one meal a week. You might think, "I'm kind of lonely ...". In such a case, please enjoy this miraculous blessing that changes the taste with friends, lovers and family. To continue, we definitely need friends and people to support us. We will share recipes and knowledge on blogs etc. so that your life will go in a wonderful direction.



Consciousness is a choice based on unconscious experience.
Curiosity leads to unexperienced and new health.



With your choice, regain the world's food culture,
It leads to support for pediatric diabetics.

Part of the sales will be converted into tablets and delivered to pediatric facilities.

The state of delivery will be posted on blogs and SNS.

A casual morning every day leads to the smiles of children.



Refresh and reset your life.

​I'm not alone, everyone has no knowledge at first. And it's hard to keep doing what you have decided. In such a case, please comment on the blog or SNS. People with the same feelings and us are attached. First see it for the first time, so the other half is nearing success.

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