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The future of food is
To a sustainable world 

Now that the SDGs are pervading the world. I think we have entered the stage where people and businesses are seriously thinking about a sustainable earth. Will happiness now last forever in the future? Apart from such anxiety and imagination, ethics regarding the daily environment, health, nature and living things are being questioned. Human beings are influenced by the emotions of their environment and have the ability to respond to everyday levels. Perhaps no creature in the distribution map is as free to adapt to the environment as humans. However, this adaptability and majority psychology are not all good. People can repeat the same actions endlessly by forgetting about the habits that everyone does. This is also a response capability. In some families, there is no interest in food and children save unhealthy in the future. In one family, we understand that food and thought make up the body and give that thought to children as words and food.


Shinichi Morozumi
& Lisa 

​Ohh! Berry JAPAN 
​ Authorized sole agent

Company profile: GK nene

Date of establishment: April 2, 2020

Location: 91-102 Miyagaki-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

Representative: Shinichi Ryokaku

Business: Sales of preserved foods and processed foods, mail-order business, sales of daily miscellaneous goods and fashion miscellaneous goods

Ohh! Berry

It took 15 years to reach this point. The farms in Taiwan have been approved as organic farms, and have a probability of safety and security such as ISO22000 and halal certification.

Company: GYL Global Limited

Location: Ningbo Zhenning 25 East Road  Ningbo, Zhejiang

Business Type: Manufacturer

Year Established: 26 Feb 2013  


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