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Wholesale business / partner

About wholesalers

Please send the application form below, and after the examination is completed, we will send you the wholesale price etc.

First of all, please apply from here. It takes a few days for the examination.

Please note that the contract is for sole proprietors or corporations only.

About partners

Became the official import agent for Ohh! Berry.

Nene, a limited liability company, owns all rights to wholesale, direct sales, and advertising of Ohh! Berry miracle fruit tablets in Japan.


Ohh!Berry は正式な輸入総代理店となります。

日本国内のOhh!Berry ミラクルフルーツタブレットに関する卸売、OEM販売、広告に至るまで全ての権限を合同会社neneが所有しています。OEMにてパッケージのカスタマイズが可能です。オリジナル商品として販売が可能です。製造元の表記は(弊社)となります。

Payment method

--Credit card / debit card payment --PAYPAL payment --Offline payment

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